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Adding more users and changing your password from the dashboard
Adding more users and changing your password from the dashboard

Allow multiple team members to access dashboard, view & upload images.

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Adding more dashboard users

There might be cases where you would want to have more than one user access for your account to share between members your team. Currently, ImageKit offers role-based logins for an account. This means that all logins created for your account will have different levels of access to different sections of the dashboard.

To provide access to different members of your team, navigate to the Users section within the dashboard. Enter the details of the person whom you wish to provide access to, and select their User Role from the list. 

Currently, an ImageKit account can have a maximum of 5 users. To add additional members, please reach us at

User Roles

You can add your team members to the four roles listed within Users.

  1. Account Administrator - Ideal for person managing the entire account. This user role allows access to all the sections of the ImageKit dashboard, along with permission to add new users to the ImageKit account. 

  2. Accountant - Ideal for finance personnel. This role allows access only to the analytics and billing section within the dashboard. This user also has permission to change the subscription plan for your ImageKit account.

  3. Developer - Ideal for your development team. This role allows access to the integration, media library, analytics, cache purge utility, performance center, developer section and image settings.

  4. Marketer - Ideal for marketing personnel. This role allows access only to the media library, and restricts access to all other sections of the ImageKit dashboard. 

Changing password inside the dashboard

You can change your account password if you are logged into the ImageKit dashboard.

1. Go to the Account settings section of your dashboard. It is accessible from the menu in the top-right corner of your dashboard. The menu is visible once you hover on your name in the top-right corner of the dashboard.

2. Click on "change password" in the view that Account settings section. A popup will open asking for your old and new passwords. Once done, click on Submit.

3. Upon successful update, you would get a confirmation of the same and the popup will close.

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