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When are the invoices generated?

Invoices for your usage on ImageKit are generated in the beginning of every month, usually the 4th of each month and include the charges for usage in the previous month. If you avail some additional services from ImageKit, like custom domain names or technical integration for Shopify, then those invoices will be generated at the time you request the service. Such invoices will not be available in the dashboard and will be made available to you via email.

Where can I view my invoices?

The invoices section is only available to users on the paid plan of You can access the invoice section from the menu in the top right corner of the ImageKit dashboard as shown below. The menu appears when you hover on your account name in the dashboard's top-right corner.

In the view that appears, all your invoices for your usage on ImageKit will be displayed, in a reverse chronological order. Each entry would indicate the details such as the month for which the invoice has been created, the invoice creation date, due date, amount and payment status (available with ImageKit). Along with these details, you will also see a link to pay the invoice (if the payment status is not "paid") and a link to view the invoice PDF.

Downloading the invoice

To download an invoice from the dashboard, click on the "view PDF" link in that row. It would open up a new page, with an option to print or download the invoice as indicated in the screenshot below.

Additionally, all invoices are sent to your email (and to the emails of all billing contacts added in your account), when they are generated. You can download invoices from the email as well.

Paying an invoice

If the invoice has not been paid, then you will see a "pay" link against that invoice. Clicking on that link will open up a page with a button to enter your credit card details. Clicking on that button, will open up a payment popup that will ask for all the details necessary for completing the payment. Given the current legalities, all payments by ImageKit are charged in INR. We automatically take care of the prevailing exchange rates to ensure you are charged the right amount.

Once the payment is successfully captured, you will be redirected back to the ImageKit dashboard. The payment status takes some time to update after successful payment completion. If it doesn't update in 5 minutes, don't worry, just reach out to us by creating a support ticket from your dashboard and our team will look resolve the issue for you.

In cases, where the payment gateway does not work, and you are not able to complete the payment, please reach out to us and we will share a one-time payment link for the same.

If you see some of the past invoices as due, and you have paid those invoices, reach out to our team with the invoice number (which you can get from the "view PDF" link against the invoice) and our team will resolve it for you.

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