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Managing files in Media Library - Search, Delete and Update
Managing files in Media Library - Search, Delete and Update

Search by file or folder name. Learn how to delete images permanently from the dashboard or using API.

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Searching Files

ImageKit provides an easy-to-use search functionality for all images uploaded in the media library. You can find the search bar at the top of the "Media Library" section as can be seen from the screenshot below.

1. The search is case insensitive.

2. The search is exact match search. For example, if you search for "test", it will match files and folders with names "test123", "123test", "Test_123", "123_TEST_456" etc. The word "test" should appear in the file or folder name as it is.

3. By default folders are excluded from the search. You can change this behavior, by turning on the toggle switch in the search bar.

4. You can search for images by tag names as well which has been demonstrated in this Image Tagging article as well.

5. You can search for images in a particular folder by specifying the folder name in the "Path" field.

When you complete the search, the media library gets an additional "Search Results"  section with the search results as seen in the screenshot below.

Deleting Files 

To delete a file, click on that file in any view - "Image View", "Directory View" or "Search Results". This would open up a popup with details about the file like name, dimensions, size etc. The option to delete the file appears just under the name of the file in this popup.

You will be asked for confirmation after you click on "Delete permanently". Upon successful confirmation, the file is removed from the Media Library.

Updating Files
Currently, one can update the image tags and custom crop area coordinates in the media library. When you click on any file, you would be presented with a popup with the details of the image. Here you can add the image tags and set the custom crop area for the image (with the x,y coordinates of the top-left corner and the width and height of the crop area)

After adding the necessary information, click on "Update File" to save the information with the image.

APIs for programmatic operations

ImageKit also provides you with APIs to search, delete and update files in the media library. The documentation for the same can be found at these links

If you have any questions, please create a support ticket from your ImageKit dashboard.

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