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How to bulk upload images in ImageKit?
How to bulk upload images in ImageKit?
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Before uploading images to ImageKit in bulk, quickly check if you can integrate ImageKit on your website or app without moving images.

If you are running a website or app, then in most cases you can integrate ImageKit without moving images to ImageKit (bulk uploading).

Check these quick integration guides with your platform. It includes integration with existing web server (like Magneto, Shopify, any HTTP server) or storage like Amazon S3.

If you are using ImageKit for personal use or need to use ImageKit's media library (storage) then there are couple of ways to upload images.

  1. Through dashboard
    This only works if you have a handful of images on your computer. Just drag and drop in media library and you are good to go.

  2. Using upload API (bulk uploading possible)
    Use these upload API or SDKs for uploading images in bulk from your existing web server.

Migrating from Cloudinary?

If you are migrating your storage from Cloudinary, then either use the upload APIs or reach out to us, we will do it for you.

Note: If you have backup bucket enabled then you can add that as an image origin in ImageKit without any need to move images.

What next?

If you are stuck somewhere, ping us on chat (bottom right corner) or mail us at

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