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Content Delivery Network (CDN) used by ImageKit
Content Delivery Network (CDN) used by ImageKit

Get lightning fast performance for your visitors globally with 150 nodes in major cities across the world.

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ImageKit comes with a Content Delivery Network (CDN) enabled for all accounts by default.

Which is the default CDN used by ImageKit?

By default, we provide Amazon CloudFront as the CDN with ImageKit. CloudFront is one of the best CDNs globally, with over 150 Points of Presence in 65 cities across 29 countries. You can get the complete, latest list of CloudFront nodes from the CloudFront details page.

How do I get CDN-enabled URLs for my images?

By default, for all accounts, ImageKit URLs begin with Any content served through such URLs is automatically served through ImageKit's CDN. So you don't need to make any changes or requests to get CDN-enabled URLs.

If you are using a custom domain name for your content with ImageKit, even that will be accessible via a content delivery network by default.

How does CDN impact the performance of my images?

Using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) is essential for delivering images and other static files like JS, CSS, etc. It provides a great speed boost in delivering static files to the users of your website or app. Your website and app would load faster if you use a CDN to deliver the images and other static files.

Can I use my own CDN with ImageKit?

Though we recommend that you use the default Amazon CloudFront CDN to provide easier infrastructure management and a wider feature set, we understand that you might want to use ImageKit with a CDN of your own choice. We currently support integration with the following custom CDNs - Akamai, AliCDN, Azure, CloudFlare, CloudFront, Google CDN, and Fastly. To integrate ImageKit with a CDN of your own choice, even if we do not support it currently, please get in touch with our team by creating a support ticket from your ImageKit dashboard. Our team will help you with the correct caching setup on the CDN and migration to ImageKit, to ensure the correct images are delivered to your users on all devices.

Note that some features like Client Hints, device-based size limiting, etc., do not work on custom CDNs while working with the default CDN that we provide. Using a custom CDN has a minimum billing requirement that you can check from the Plans page.

Can I vary the caching time of files on the CDN?

By default, ImageKit caches all the files on its CDN for 180 days. However, if you have a requirement to vary the caching time for some or all of your files, you can get in touch with our team by creating a support ticket from your ImageKit dashboard.

For any other queries, you can write to us at

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