ImageKit can plug into your existing CDN. You will instantly get real-time image optimization & manipulations features on existing image URLs.

What all CDN does ImageKit supports?

ImageKit can be integrated with any CDN. However, there are certain advanced features such as automatic format conversion, data saver mode, client hints, which requires a custom configuration on CDN level and currently only works with below CDNs:

  • Akamai
  • Azure
  • Alibaba Cloud CDN
  • CloudFlare (If you are on Enterprise plan in CloudFlare)
  • CloudFront
  • Fastly
  • Google CDN
  • Zenedge

Here is how it works:

This setup is only supported for paid accounts and requires a minimum billing of $300 per month.

  1. Create a support ticket or write to us at
  2. Our team will do the necessary configuration changes to support automatic format conversion, client hints and data saver mode.
  3. Test & go live

Who should be using custom CDN integration?

By default, ImageKit offers a global CDN (Amazon CloudFront). It means you can use ImageKit for delivering not only images but also JS/CSS/fonts or any other static asset. However, there are few reasons to plug ImageKit with your existing CDN:

  1. You are in contract with another CDN vendor and would still want to leverage ImageKit's real-time image optimization & resizing for a faster loading website.
  2. You serve heavily for Chinese visitors and already have required permission from the government to cache and delivery files from servers located in China.

Note: This setup requires a minimum billing of $300 per month. Contact sales to know more about inclusion and getting started.

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