Yes, ImageKit supports delivery of other non-image static files.

For non-image static files, ImageKit does not carry out any kind of optimization or transformation on the file. 

Also, ImageKit does not store a copy of the image in its internal caching systems. Such files are cached only on the CDN. If the file is not available in the CDN cache, then ImageKit gets it from your origin (or the media library, if you have uploaded the file there) and delivers it to the user.

Some of the static file formats that fall in the non-image category in ImageKit are - 

"pdf", "js", "css", "txt", "woff", "woff2", "ttf", "otf", "eot", "ico", "php", "mov", "mp4", "webm", "swf", "ts", "m3u8", "doc", "docx", "ppt", "pptx", "eps", "psd", "xls", "xlsx", "bmp", "rtf", "ept"

For any questions regarding delivery of non-image static files, please reach out to us at

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