You can track your account usage from the "Usage Analytics" tab in your ImageKit dashboard. Under this tab, you will get information about -

  • Bandwidth usage and Request count and their distribution by URL endpoint

  • Top 404 Errors

  • Top Image URLs, User Agents, IPs, Referer URLs, Transformations, and more

For users using ImageKit with a custom CDN, analytics for only the bandwidth and request and top 404 errors are available.

You can also view the storage consumed by the images uploaded to the Media Library along with the "Media Library" option in the left menu.

There is a delay of a few minutes between the actual usage, and the data reflecting in your ImageKit dashboard.

Your next estimated bill is available under the Invoices section of your dashboard. This estimate is calculated by extrapolating the usage done to date in the current calendar month to the total number of days in the calendar month.

You can refer to this guide to understand how to interpret the analytics to optimize the bandwidth usage on your account.

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