An origin is any web server or storage which you are using for delivery or storing images. You can configure ImageKit to fetch images from your existing origin.

Manage your origins from here -

Currently, the following type of image origins can be added to your ImageKit account:

  • AWS S3 Bucket or a specific folder within that bucket
  • Any Web server (Google or Azure storage can be exposed as web server)
  • Cloudinary Backup Bucket (Contact ImageKit team for this)

Once you add an origin, all images on that origin, regardless of the date of creation or size, would automatically be accessible using ImageKit URLs. All transformations and optimizations would immediately start working on all these images.

How and when are images accessed from origin?

ImageKit only fetches image from the origin on the first request for that particular image. Once an image from one of your added origins is accessed using an ImageKit URL, the image (and its transform, if any) is automatically cached on our servers and CDN.

How to whitelist requests from ImageKit?

All requests to your origin server from ImageKit will have following header in request.

"x-req-from" : "imagekit"

You can whitelist the requests from our server based on this header.

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