ImageKit supports custom CNAME of your domain. Instead of, you can use

We offer SSL enabled custom CNAMEs which also supports HTTP/2.

Custom CNAME only works on paid plans, please create a support ticket from your dashboard or write to us at to use this feature.

Why opt for a custom CNAME?

The big reason for using a custom CNAME is that as per popular belief, serving images from the same base domain as the main website improves SEO.

The other reason is that if you are already using a custom CNAME for your image URLs then you would not want to change that to something else. It is more convenient to get all the optimizations without having to make changes to your code. Just a change in the DNS entry and done!

Can I get multiple CNAMEs with my account?

Yes, you can add multiple CNAMEs for your ImageKit account. One of the CNAME act as default, which will work with every URL pattern you create in your account.

Can I get attach a CNAMEs with a particular URL pattern?

Yes, we can map a custom CNAME to a specific URL pattern. This feature allows you to configure multiple legacy image origins and use existing custom CNAMEs to continue delivering files.

Note: This feature currently requires a minimum billing of $200 which includes 450GB of bandwidth per month.

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